Baby Room

The babies in our Baby Room enjoy a homely atmosphere of warmth, safety and care. We work closely with parents and aim to follow their own home routine which means the transition from home to nursery is as smooth and natural for them as possible.

With both our indoor and outdoor environment our babies flourish with the rich variety of resources and activities we have to offer; particular favourites are the group singing times and when the children access the mud kitchen outdoors.

We encourage and support the babies in our care to develop at their own pace and ensure each child’s individual needs will be met by our dedicated team of practitioners and your child’s key person.

Here are some examples of activities that will be offered to your child :

Messy activities –  painting, playdough, cornflour, jelly, pasta, beans, sand, water, bubbles

Mark Making – felt tips, chalks, wax crayons, pencils

General – sensory play, heuristic play, books, singing, treasure baskets, musical instruments, homecorner, soft toys, bricks

Outdoors – mud kitchen, vegetable garden, sand, water, slide, soft toys, books, sensory bottles