When your child reaches our Pre-school room they have achieved another big milestone and continue to build on their confidence and skills ready for their transition to school.

While our emphasis is still on learning through play, our day is slightly more structured.

The introduction of individual time with your child’s key person, literacy, numeracy, phonics, shapes and colours help your child develop the foundations needed for school.

Planning is based around the children’s interests and each child is encouraged and supported to experiment, explore, investigate and learn in a stimulating environment both indoors and outdoors.

We work closely with our parents to ensure children have secure attachments and through a mixture of adult based learning and child based learning children florish and excel.

Here are some examples of activities that will be offered to your child :

Messy activities – cornflour, playdough, ice play, water, sand, painting, glitter, glueing and sticking

Mark Making – pencil crayons, wax crayons, felt tips, paint pens, chalks

General – homecorner, construction, mathematics, literacy, colours, phonics, role play, baking, musical instruments, ICT, books, French lessons, singing, technology toys

Outdoors – Forest school sessions, mud kitchen, vegetable garden, climbing frame, tennis, sand, water, green house, balancing equipment, bats and balls, parachute